About Me

Dear Visitors,

First of all, I would like to welcome you to my freelance website and thank you for giving me a visit.

I am Peter Brandon and I have founded TIXUX X’treme & D’sign in the early of 2004 out of interest and curiosity of the world wide web.

Since then, I have experiments the web technology on my own and my first website came out as www.concepts-mall.com which is discontinued years later after I found this domain (www.TIXUX.com).

My passion toward web technologies, understanding on customers requirements, visitors user experience toward a user interface (UI) and a lot more has grow toward the years and till today, I am still learning and improving myself the ever changing technologies available.

Below is some of the web applications I have done:

  • Intranet System.
  • Custom e-commerce with custom payment system which include PayPal and other payment gateways such as FPX, credit card and Facebook Credits as well.
  • Custom web applications
  • WordPress add-on/plugins
  • More then 60 plus of Facebook Applications & growing.
  • Multiple company websites.
  • Search Engines Optimization (SEO)
  • and much more

I welcomed worldwide customers to take my services for I can deliver results simply because my approaches are simple, effective and are committed to your success!

Thank you & best regards,

Peter Brandon